Month: March 2017

Tales from Free Agency: Gordon Hayward

Where will he go?

NewsFlash! S3:EP18

Collin is back with a recap of this week’s Flash episode.

Why I chose to blog; origins of BoosterBlogs

With as much free time as I have in the day, many of my close friends find it odd that I decided to start my own blog while also writing for another and my college newspaper. I honestly don’t blame them for their confusion…

What are the Minnesota Timberwolves missing?

After getting two consecutive number one draft picks, one of their own and the other being picked and traded to them for Kevin Love, the Minnesota Timberwolves have some large expectations building with every season that passes. After Kevin Garnett was traded to the…

Houston Rockets, the Real Threat

The MVP race this season is arguably the best we’ve seen in the decade. James Harden and Russell Westbrook are having historical seasons respectively. However, the light being shed on Harden’s MVP case is leaving Houston’s accomplishments in the dark.

Devin Booker’s Big Night

The Phoenix Suns have had nothing short of a rough season. In the most Suns like fashion, they took an L Friday night, but Devin Booker won.

Power Rangers: Initial Thoughts

Children of the 90’s, fret no longer. The Power Rangers movie we all deserved has arrived, and I give it two thumbs up:

Is Team Liquid in crisis?

It would be impossible to talk about the history of North American LCS without talking about the formally great Team Liquid. Though this team never won either a spring or summer split they heavily shaped how the game was played in the early seasons. However,…

Player Highlight: Mike Conley

The highest paid player in the league, Mike Conley, is having the best season of his career.

NewsFlash! S3 EP17


Two-Sided Superheroes

Collin goes in-depth talking about actors who have portrayed more than one hero on the big screen.

Worth the Watch? Samurai Jack: Season 5 Episode 2

When I turned off the NCAA tournament to watch the latest episode of Samurai Jack, I honestly thought I might regret it. After watching it however, I can safely say that I made the best decision of that entire day. While the premiere and…