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Kings of the Draft: Sacramento’s Options

The Kings have the most options at hand.

MIP: Ranking the Finalists

Who’s your Most Improved Player?

Trusting the Process, and Free Agency

Is it time to really Trust the Process?

ROY: Ranking the Finalist

Friday afternoon, the NBA released finalists for the league’s awards. In regards to Rookie of the Year, I’ve ranked each finalist, and made their case for the honors below:

Tales from Free Agency: JJ Redick

Where will he go?

Paul George, Portland?

Could a trade go down between two first round teams?

Player Spotlight: Kevin Love

Kevin Love has been working behind the scenes.

NBA Draft Lottery 2017: Winners and Losers

Who won the 2017 NBA Draft Lottery?

New York Knicks, 8 Too Late?

De’Aaron Fox is out, who’s in?

Washington Wizards: What’s Next?

The Wizards fell short to the Boston Celtics in Game 7, and have been eliminated from the playoffs, once again. With aims to hold a top 3 point guard on roster, and make a deeper post-season run, what’s on the to do list for…

Why to Root for the Warriors

Well, it’s not LeBron.

NBA Mock Draft 2017

In anticipation of the draft, Cale and Collin give their top ten picks of the 2017 NBA Draft: Disclaimer, these are mere predictions, and have the likelihood of being right/wrong. The NBA Draft Lottery will take place tomorrow.