EA’s Press Conference Recap – E3 2017

Each year it feels like the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 starts earlier and earlier. With that being said, I took a day to process the information shown in the first major conference of E3 2017.

Electronic Arts or EA is one of the biggest game developing companies in the world and this year they were also the first of the large-scale conferences that large developers hold each year to show fans their latest games or updates.

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NA LCS Summer Split Week One Recap

With the first week of LCS having past, the glimpse into the split it gave was certainly an interesting one. I’m not sure anyone predicted the week to go the way it did and I certainly didn’t.

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Tales From Free Agency: Dion Waiters

This year’s free agent market is a big one, and who could forget Dion Waiters? Last Friday, it was reported that he declined his player option with Miami for $2.1 million.

The Miami Heat shooting guard may be on the move, after the best season of his career.

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New Pokémon games? What happened in the Pokémon Direct?

To many, Nintendo’s Pokémon Direct that happened early on Tuesday morning was disappointing.

Being heavily involved in the Pokémon community on YouTube, Twitter and pretty much anywhere else I got to see the reactions to those announcements even while I was unable to watch the actual event. Read More

The Warriors’ Worry

The Golden State Warriors have reached their third consecutive Finals, an impressive feat by all means. However, as this “super team” nears yet another championship, one has to wonder. How long can this franchise keep four All Stars under wraps?

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NA LCS Summer Split Kickoff

The NA LCS picks up again this weekend with the opening of the 2017 Summer Split so it’s an exciting time for League of Legends.

This is the Split that actually determines which teams will represent North America at worlds this year. And with the rather expected/boring ending of the spring split, I hope this split hold more excitement and typically the summer split does as temperatures rise since there is much more at stake this split. Read More

Brooklyn to Boston: the Celtics’ Options

Everyone knows the infamous trade that occurred years ago between the Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics.

Now, the NBA Draft Lottery has come and gone, and the Celtics have been paid.

Boston is set to take the number one overall pick in this year’s draft. Some options for a team that reached the Eastern Conference Finals:

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Carmelo Anthony, Miami Heat?

Trade rumors swirling around New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony are at an all time high. Between the Clippers, Celtics, Heat, and Wizards only one makes sense.

My take on why Anthony should salvage his career, by accepting a trade to the Miami Heat.

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Power of the Pack: Minnesota’s Options

The NBA Draft Lottery has come and gone, and no, the Minnesota Timberwolves won’t be picking in the top three. However, they will draft at pick number seven.

With this in mind, my take on their draft night moves:

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Shining Bright, the Suns Options

The NBA Draft Lottery has come and gone, and no the Phoenix Suns are not picking in the top three. However, they will draft at pick four.

With this in mind, my take on their draft night moves.

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Is Cartoon Network doomed?

Cartoon Network is one of the reasons so many people, including myself, have such a fond memory and passion for animation. They were one of the three main sources of cartoons for American audience alongside Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.


While the animated motion picture market was, and still is, dominated mostly by Disney; Nick and Cartoon Network have been battling it out for the tops spot in the television department for nearly three decades now.

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DPOY: Ranking the Finalists

Last Friday, the NBA released the finalists for the league’s annual awards.

Regarding Defensive Player of the Year, I ranked the finalists below, and made their case for honors:

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