Is TSM in trouble at the MSI?
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Coming up this week is the Knockout round of the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) league tournament, which has been going since April 28th and will end on May 21st. But unfortunately for North American fans this week has been full of disappointment with TSM losing in the group stage.


And though they were close to securing a spot in the knockouts a few times they fell short each and every time. This stream of loses (and no they didn’t lose every game) seemed to be for a number of reasons but none bigger than the apparent under performance of Svenskeren.

Don’t get me wrong I like Svenskeren, and he seems to fit into the team dynamic well. However, this in my opinion isn’t enough. It doesn’t matter how many times TSM wins the NA LCS if they can’t perform on an international stage.

This is in no way to say that Svenskeren is bad for the team but the way I see it TSM could make an offer to most junglers in the world and quite frankly they could get them given the teams status and individual talent.

And this is not to say Svenskeren should be kicked off the team, but he needs to prove himself, and what better way for him to do that than by competing for his role against other world class junglers.

Svenskeren is certainly not the only issue with the team’s performance in international tournaments. I have said it before and I will continue to say that TSM is a team full of world renowned talent and for a team to have this much talent and still underperform internationally there must be a fundamental problem with the team.

I say this as a huge fan of the organization and the players on the team. They need a coach, not an analyst playing coach (don’t get me wrong I love Parth and he is invaluable to the team) or they need to train Parth properly to coach a team such as this.

This is not to say I no longer support team or organization, but as a concerned fan I feel as though certain steps need to be taken to ensure the team is as strong as it can possibly be. Because TSM is North America’s best hope on the international stage.


Tales from Free Agency: JJ Redick

Next on our list of upcoming free agents, a sharpshooting bucket dropper, and 10-year veteran, JJ RedickWith Chris Paul and Blake Griffin also facing free agency, Redick is expected to test the market, searching for a contract near $20-million. 

With that in mind, who are some teams that may take interest? My take:

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Paul George, Portland?

Since being swept by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first round of the playoffs, rumors have been swirling around the 2013 Most Improved Player, Paul George.

Most recent however, the rumors have involved the Portland Trailblazers. 

Could a trade involving Paul and Portland be possible, or even likely?

My take:

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Player Spotlight: Kevin Love

Once a franchise player for the Minnesota Timberwolves, Kevin Love has taken on a lesser role with LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

However, last night in Game 1 against Boston, Love stole the show; recording a playoff career-high and was dropping bombs from behind the arc.

A look at the most underrated big man’s season with the Cleveland Cavaliers:

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NBA Draft Lottery 2017: Winners and Losers

The NBA Draft Lottery took place last night, and with it, the future of many teams either became brighter or sunk further into the depths of despair.

There were a few teams that now have much more to look forward to come draft night, while others will feel the need to panic and hope a player will fall to them at their position. Time to break down the Winners and Losers of the 2017 Draft Lottery.

Winner: Boston Celtics

Boston is in a very good position for multiple reasons:

They are not only competing in the Eastern Conference Finals against the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers for entry into the NBA Finals, they also just secured the number one overall pick in the draft.

Their core is locked up for another season, barring the impending free agency of former first round pick Kelly Olynyk and the replaceable Amir Johnson.

They have young, overseas talent ready to step in on the roster. Headlined by Guerschon Yabusele, a big-bodied young player with the potential to become a solid two-way stretch forwards, and Ante Zizic, a high motored big man that many hope can fill the starting center spot next season.

They have last year’s number three overall pick in Jaylen Brown, who had a rather impressive start to his career on a team that is competing for a championship.

Lastly, they also have the ability to make room for another max-contract free agent this summer to pair alongside last year’s addition of Al Horford.

Celtic’s fans have a lot to be happy about in their future.

Loser: New York Knicks

The team with in the most turmoil failed to get any luck going their way on the night they needed it most. With the eighth pick, most of the top options for New York will be off the board barring a crazy shake up in preference.

“I think that we’re good at what we do,” is what President of Basketball Operations and subject of much of the New York fan base’s ire, Phil Jackson said when asked about their position in the draft.

That statement is unfounded and if we are being honest, probably won’t change in the near future. Jackson has done nothing positive for the team besides drafting Kristaps Porzingas and has all but guaranteed he wants Carmelo Anthony off of the team before the season starts.

If the former championship coach is deadest on moving the insulted Melo and running his outdated triangle, then we might see the Knicks fall into the lottery team category for years to come.

Winner: Los Angeles Lakers

No one really thought the Lakers were going to lose out on two first round picks, but the possibility was there. Magic Johnson seemed slightly nervous about that fact, but I feel it was more for comedy’s sake and bantering with Joel Embiid.

This is good news for LA in multiple ways too. LaVar Ball has stated throughout his many media appearances that his son and presumed second overall pick, Lonzo Ball, will only play for the Lakers.

“I just think it’s lined up for him to be a Laker.” – LaVar Ball

If the team sees that the player fits their system and are willing to add him to their rebuilding process, then no one will need to hear Daddy Ball complain on the air again.

Something that only Fox and ESPN will lament over.

Magic and Rob Pelinka have cap space, picks and players to work with now as they try to return the purple and gold to their former glory.

Loser: Phoenix Suns

It was really a bad night for any small market team, but the Suns got the shaft compared to some of the other franchises.

They came in with the second highest chances at the number one slot. Instead, they walked away with the fourth pick, and dashed hopes of a player that will likely be gone by their selection.

They have a promising young core in Devin Booker, Dragan Bender and Marquese Chriss to name a few. They are missing the player that will be the go-to for them though. They have their scorer in Booker, but who will be their distributer?

Eric Bledsoe can’t stay healthy, they traded Goran Dragic and IT and Brandon Knight is not the answer. Fultz or Ball would have helped them tremendously, but now they need to work with what the basketball gods have given them.

Winner: Sacramento Kings

Two lottery picks? Let’s hope that they have better luck this year then their track record shows from previous drafts.

Winner: The Process

Hey Sam Hinkie, you doing ok? I know you don’t work for the Sixers anymore, but I swear your name must be legend in that town by now.

With the third selection in this loaded draft, Embiid announcing he could be back in less than a month and a slew of other young talent to look forward to, this franchise could be another young riser in the East.

New York Knicks, 8 Too Late?

As has the rest of the season, the NBA Draft Lottery did not fall in the Knicks’ favor. Opposed to moving up in to the Top 3, New York actually fell back to pick number eight.

Eyes were set on De’Aaron Fox, but now? My thoughts:

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Washington Wizards: What’s Next?

The Wizards fell short to the Boston Celtics in Game 7, and have been eliminated from the playoffs, once again. With aims to hold a top 3 point guard on roster, and make a deeper post-season run, what’s on the to do list for them this summer?

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Why to Root for the Warriors

After winning the 2014 NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors failed to repeat as champions last year, blowing a 3-1 lead. Now, with hopes of reaching they’re third consecutive Finals, they face adversity even from the fans.

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NBA Mock Draft 2017

In anticipation of the draft, Cale and Collin give their top ten picks of the 2017 NBA Draft:

Disclaimer, these are mere predictions, and have the likelihood of being right/wrong. The NBA Draft Lottery will take place tomorrow.

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Jesus, No Disciples.

The former 2008 NBA Champion team greats met up on TNT last night, but were missing a member of the party. Known as Jesus Shuttlesworth to many, Ray Allen did not take part in the former Celtics’ festivities.

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Tales from Free Agency: Rudy Gay

No one else is saying it, so I’m going to. Expect a comeback year from this ten-year veteran who suffered an Achilles injury last season. After the Kings missed their eleventh straight playoff berth, does Rudy Gay opt in, or out of his contract?

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State of the blog

As of this previous weekend, BoosterBlogs has officially become a registered domain. It took a lot of planning on the part of myself and my VP Collin, but in the end I am just happy this side project has come this far.

I originally made this site on WordPress because I liked the name and wanted to start writing independently. Nothing really came of that until I wrote my 2015-16 NBA Season preview, which ended up landing me a gig over on NBALead.

I came back to the website briefly when I wrote a few pieces for a class during my freshman year of college and needed to post them to my own site. It was then I decided to bookmark the idea for a dedicated run on BB for the future.

Thankfully things played into my favor during this most recent semester of college, the end of my sophomore year, so that I had a good amount of spare time on the weekends to start this up. Collin, who I knew previously from working together in NBALead, was also working on his own site and I reached out to see if he was interested in contributing.

What spawned from that partnership is nearly two going on three full months of constant content flowing from our collective brains as the two of us try to build this thing up.

He has anchored the site for nearly three weeks as I have been busy moving back home from college, adjusting to my new work schedule and started more projects for the site.

The state of the blog has never been better over our four-month life span. Here are some things you can expect soon.

Collin is going to be on vacation soon, but his articles will continue. He is our lead writer when it comes to sports and going forward he will have control in that department, barring my occasional column and anyone else we bring on.

My columns will return this week after taking an absence. I have some topics I really want to write about and I think that you all will enjoy and learn something from them.

Our coverage of eSports will be expanding from just our weekly League of Legends recap that Richard puts out. I will start covering more professional Super Smash Bros. competitions and the ELeague Street Fighter V events I watch.

Other content will also be joining our normal content. I am bringing The Gameplan Podcast to BoosterBlogs in the coming weeks. This will feature discussions about sports, video games, eSports and a lot more.

On top of that, I have also started streaming again on my Twitch channel. Those streams usually consist of myself and occasional guests playing games we find fun or interesting. They frequently turn into Q&As with the chat as I answer questions about anything you ask. If you want to talk to me about a specific topic or just need some background noise while you work, that’s the place to go.

After wrapping up all those upcoming projects, I do have one final announcement.

We have only gotten this far due to the dedication both Collin and I have for what we do. We are thankful to each person that reads our work and shares it with others.

That being said, the two of us are not enough to make this thing reach its full potential. We have three writers on staff, one of which is only a weekly column writer, and that will eventually make us cap out to how far the site can grow.

If you know anyone interested in writing that just wants to get their thoughts on a subject or maybe even become a contributor to the site on a frequent basis, please contact us or share our site with them so we can get in touch. Editing is provided and nearly any topic is accepted.

Thank you for your time and support. We hope you continue to like our works.

Signed the Blue and Gold duo,

Collin Loring and Cale Michael.