A Road Back to Relevancy

The Utah Jazz fell to the Golden State Warriors 0-4 in the Conference Semi Finals.

Through adversity, skepticism, and injury, this young team put the Utah Jazz back on the map.

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Toronto Raptors: What’s Next?

The Cleveland Cavaliers successfully completed a sweep over the Toronto Raptors, and it may have triggered more than the end of a season. Kyle Lowry is entering free agency, and so are others. What’s next for the Toronto Raptors?

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Conference Finals: Cavaliers Options

The Cleveland Cavaliers pulled off another series sweep, this time over the Toronto Raptors. Now, they will either face Boston or Washington in the Conference Finals. In hopes of transcending to the Finals once more, who’s the choice match up for LeBron and the Cavs?

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Knicks, Clippers: Trade Talk

Even halfway through the season, before most of the Knicks drama commenced, trade rumors began swirling between these two teams. Originally, it was thought the Clippers may make a run at Carmelo. Now, after a scandalous tweet, could they be after Porzingis?

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The Season’s Top Performances

This year, the NBA is hosting an award show. In addition to MVP, MIP, ROY, DPOY, and COY, the fans will get a say in various other accolades. This includes the best performance (game) from the 2016-2017 NBA season. Before you vote, I ranked my top five, in hopes of reminding you of all the buckets dropped this year:

*If you click on the name of each player, I have linked full highlights of their performance*

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Tales from Free Agency: Kyle Lowry

Kyle Lowry announced earlier today that he is doubtful for Game 4 against the Cavaliers come Sunday afternoon. With that being said, we may have seen Lowry play his last game in this uniform.

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Big Three Then, Big One Now

Tony Parker is out after injuring his leg in Game 2 versus the Rockets. Leaving Manu Ginobli as the lone and last member of the Big Three playing in the playoffs.

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Big Baller Bust?

The LaVar Ball media show continues, and this time it’s even worse. Big Baller Brand had promised us big news on Thursday, and they sort of delivered. Lonzo Ball’s first shoe is out. It’s not Nike, it’s not Under Armour, it’s not Adidas; but it is $495. 

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Milwaukee Bucks: What’s Next?

The Milwaukee Bucks had a fantastic season, but fell out of the playoffs in the first round to the Toronto Raptors. Most would say Milwaukee stands a better chance against Cleveland, but maybe losing to Toronto shows they’re not ready just yet.

What can administration and the coaching staff do to get prepare them for a further playoff mount?

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Sith or Jedi? Today’s NBA Stars

A long, long time ago, in a league far away. Players across the NBA formed alliances in preparation for war, between the force and the dark side. Where does your favorite player stand?

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Tales from Free Agency: Jrue Holiday

The New Orleans Pelicans finished (34-48) , and 10th in the Western Conference. Despite adding star center DeMarcus Cousins, they fell short of the playoffs yet again. Jrue Holiday, their starting point guard is due to be a free agent.

My thoughts, on the former NBA All Star’s free agency options:

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Hope for the Future

Knicks fans, don’t fear. Times now may be bleak, but the future is bright.

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