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Trade Deadline Talk and Kevin Durant’s Mindset, with Zach Cronin | The W.H.Y. Cast? (Ep. 2)

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-hybck-a73a17 Cale Michael and Zach Cronin hop on their mics to talk about everything that happened at the NBA Trade Deadline, what some of these trades mean for the league and how all of these moves could end up shaping the NBA in the…

Will the Suns Rise Again in Phoenix?

For now, the Phoenix Suns sit as the worst team in the Western Conference (record wise). With a record of 18-41, the Sun’s season has set, but the future may be bright.

Let the Buyouts Begin

Many players are being bought out from their current contracts and looking to find new homes on the roster of a contender.